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GET provides turnkey outsourced solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas industry including Expertise- based services, Training & Consulting, Maintenance and Repair Operations. By leveraging cutting edge technology, we deploy the right expertise, at the right time, at the right cost delivering efficiency, cost effectiveness and operational flexibility to clients through outsourcing in oil and gas industry.


United Kingdom
TWCOG LLP is an independent commercial advisory firm in the global energy sector. It is dedicated to helping oil and gas industry organisations create successful projects, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. Our expertise comes from our experience in complex transactions in the oil, gas and LNG sectors.

LR Consultants

LR Consultants are readily available to offer an immediate response and bespoke services with the drive to deliver and transfer their life long acquired knowledge. LR Consultants advisors have been part of the award-winning teams for capital project financing including PFI Awards, MENA Awards and TFX Awards.

Minea Ltd

United Kingdom
Mineaoil Ltd is an oil and gas company, registered in the United Kingdom. We provide consulting and training services as well as logistic support to oil and gas operators, services companies, and regulatory institutions in the following areas: Reservoir evaluations in exploration, appraisal and production stages, formulation and evaluations of field development plans, surveillance, monitoring, evaluation of EOR (enhanced oil recovery projects), by miscible gas injection, Low Salinity Water Injection, WAG, N2, CO2, Polymers, Thermal EOR, Steam Injection & SAGD, in new and mature onshore and offshore fields, including shales, and tight gas fields; CO2 disposal, clean energies renewable energies, and environment.


United Kingdom
ADM provides a robust expert independent service in project management, planning and execution of well activities. Service delivery is provided by a wide range of extremely experienced managers and senior associate specialists by designing and implementing compliant, safe, environmentally acceptable and cost effective work programmes, to the highest standards. A rigorous approach, coupled with detailed risk management and commercial alignment, ensures the highest standards are met.


United Kingdom
Terrabotics is a satellite remote sensing & geospatial data analytics company. We make sense of vast volumes of remote sensing data, from satellites, aerial, and ground sensors, at scale. We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of critical mineral and energy resources in a more socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and economically efficient way.

Geothermal Energy Advancement Association

United Kingdom
We are the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association "GEAA" a stakeholder driven association that advocates increased investment for the development of Geothermal Energy and increased awareness of this sustainable source as the only true near zero-carbon baseload energy for power, heat and hot water. The Association is a not-for-profit organisation offering peer review, leadership and a dialogue in the energy transition debate. GEAA is a voice for all and is open to all those interested in advancing geothermal energy and all those interested in supporting the role in transitioning to a world using less fossil fuels with a clear objective of reducing carbon emissions and helping reverse the alarming effects of Climate Change and support global initiatives like the UN Paris Climate Accord.

Frontier ESG Advisory

United Kingdom
Ian Saunders founded Frontier ESG Advisory in response to his thirty years’ experience working in leadership roles across the business, government, security and environmental sectors in Africa and Asia. He retains a consummate insight and working knowledge of the complexities involved in achieving success and managing challenging situations across different cultures and their diverse societal strata. Ian understands the complex and hybrid threats, which international investments face across the frontier and emerging markets, mirrored by the needs of the host nations and their sovereign state requirements. This knowledge, combined with the drive for greater global environmental sustainability, led him to develop the InveSTABLE System® to optimise the tangible impact of ESG for investors, sovereign host nations and the environment.

Teyshas Energy

Teyshas Energy, LLC is the technical team formerly comprising Newpek, LLC, an Oil and Gas subsidiary of Grupo Alfa SA de CV. Building on six years of strong team collaboration experience working in energy projects including Mexico Rounds 0 - 2.3 and operating licenses in San Andres/Tierra Blanca and Burgos BG-02 and BG-03, Block Z-1 Offshore Peru, and participation in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, we offer support for operations, business development, engineering and geology.

Osterwald Rathbone & Partners

United Kingdom
Osterwald Rathbone & Partners have a wealth of capabilities and experience in the oil, gas, chemical & finance sectors, developed through years of working in or with companies, lawyers or governments in these industries. Our expertise in action can be followed in depth in the following brochures. Our extensive case studies show our range of engagements in various sectors around the world. We have a unique ability to combine financial, accounting & analytical skills with industry knowledge. This generates objective insights for clients, ranging from the value of assets & businesses, to examination of underlying strategic issues. In addition, our industry focus provides clients (and their legal advisors when involved in disputes) with targeted & highly relevant support.
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