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  • Understand why Enterprise Risk Management is important to your organisation
  • How it fits in with Health and Safety, financial reporting and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • How it makes your organisation more resilient and sustainable

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The role of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is to help organisations assess and manage financial, strategic and operational risks as well as risks associated with accidental losses. It is an organisational wide view that creates a portfolio of the most significant risks that can impact an organisation enabling companies to manage and prioritise more effectively.

Risk management should not be perceived as a burden or an overhead but as an essential part of responsible business management. Some organisations have integrated their enterprise risk management into their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) department as this is a better way to identify and manage the broad range of risks facing the modern organisation thus instilling confidence in strategic objectives, improving compliance with regulatory and internal mandates, and enhancing operational efficiency through more consistent applications of processes and controls.

Small businesses may perceive that ERM is for large corporations and enterprises only and not something they should worry about. This is not the case. ERM applies to organisations of all sizes. Our focus is on helping companies and business decision-maker identify and manage risks in an agile way without creating a long “to-do” list. 

Why attend

Build your confidence:
  • How ERM is embedded into strategy
  • How to manage ERM
  • What benefits ERM brings to your organisation
Set priorities:
  • Create a framework to monitor Enterprise Risk
  • Create a culture of understanding in your organisation
  • Learn how to analyse your organisation’s ERM map
Build your knowledge:
  • ERM framework
  • Future proofing
  • How sustainability and resilience increases through ERM
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