Carbon capture advisory and consulting

From the early concept stages of a project, through to operations, we provide expert support for those developing CCS projects.  This may be in new developments or the repurposing of existing oil and gas infrastructure.  Leveraging the experience of c-suit individuals we will be providing you expert advice on facilities, injection sites and major project delivery.  

Our key differentiator is experience within the carbon capture industry, having provided major project support, events and publishing within the industry.      

With deep knowledge of the technology and commercial models for a viable programme, we will provide you with consultancy that aligns with the latest regulations and policy.


We will assist you in evaluating the capacity and integrity of your store, whether it involves a new field development or depleted oil and gas reserves.


We will guide you through subsidies you can access, support your engagement with government and ensure compliance throughout the hugely complex permitting process.



We provide advisory services and management in the integration between emitter and transport and storage providers.


Key to a sustainable and profitable project is demonstrating that your facilities and storage complex is not leaking.


We will provide a realistic timeframe and cost for development and provide context with planned changes to the national and global industry throughout the time of this development.






Expert Client Representation

The full chain of CCS, from capture to injection, relies on the co-operation of industries that do not normally interact.  How as an industrial emitter are you to have confidence, conduct due diligence and assurance on those providing your critical transport and storage services?  Our Expert Client Representation services will provide companies with one of our experts and access to our corporate knowledge base.  This will enable your interests to be best represented, provide specialist insight in decision making, and provide higher confidence for corporate boardrooms and investors. 

Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

From the fuel entering an emitters plans, throughout the capture process, transport and the long term geological sequestration of CO2, operators will be required to demonstrate the integrity of their systems.  From the monitoring of hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide, we are able to provide leak detection services on land and at sea.  Using the latest detection system mounted on autonomous platforms, leaks can be quickly and cost effectively identified. 

This will provide operators and regulators with assurance, fast defect rectification and dispute resolution in the case of erroneous meter readings.  Our emissions monitoring plans use a risk weighted approach to ensure that excessive monitoring, and hence cost, is effectively implemented.

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