Exclusive environment social governance (ESG) training for League of East African Directors Enhancing sustainability and responsibility

Author: Denis Ssemanda

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In April 2024, a group of esteemed CEOs and directors gathered at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala for an insightful Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) training session. This interactive programme aimed to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and responsible business practices.

The three day training featured renowned international speakers:

Prof Ed Mitchard BA PhD SMIEEE

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Space Intelligence, the leading provider of nature data and digital monitoring systems for nature-based solutions

Nino Zambakhidze MBA

Chairwoman of Georgian Farmers Association, Director of Unity Apolitical Academy, Advisor at President’s Advisory Council at G100, Board Member at Adjara Group, WEF Young Global Leader and Forbes Woman 2016

Ernst Muller, ESG and Natural Resources Law Specialist

A senior associate for Herbert Smith Freehills who is a Natural Scientist turned Regulatory Lawyer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The speakers provided valuable insights on various aspects of ESG, highlighting the importance of integrating ESG considerations into business operations, prioritizing social impact and human rights, and ensuring transparent and effective ESG disclosure and reporting.

Feedback from participants and key takeaways

  • Participants gained a deeper understanding of the ESG framework, its significance, and its impact on organizational success.
  • Experts shared valuable insights on addressing climate change, reducing carbon footprints, and implementing sustainable practices.
  • Directors explored strategies for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as managing social risks and opportunities.
  • The training emphasized the importance of robust governance structures, ethical decision-making, and transparency.
  • Interactive sessions allowed participants to share experiences, address challenges, and learn from each other’s perspectives.
Future Entergy Partners ESG Training for LEAD April 2024
LEAD members attending ESG training, April 2024

Personal commitment to sustainability

We are doing away with plastic bottles at my office effective Monday when Up Energy delivers our water filters!"
Right away, I will be getting a styled up portable flask for daily water/tea while on the go, to reduce plastic bottle usage. We plan to adopt the ESG risk model framework by Q3, 2024
We discussed different aspects, e.g., how legislation in different countries affects ESG and, therefore, our operations, being mindful of the environment and natural resource usage as we do business, working conditions of team members and the relationship with the community, ethics, health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and good governance. We should all be part of such training to move our businesses and boards to the next level in a world the future generation will enjoy."
What did participants love?

The training tackled crucial topics for businesses looking to integrate ESG practices. Participants found the content highly relevant, with guest speakers and the trainer’s expertise being particularly valuable. Specific sessions on greenwashing, sustainability reporting, and practical applications were especially beneficial. It seems practical knowledge was high on the agenda!

Future Energy Partners ESG Training for LEAD April 2024 Survey Results
Looking ahead: longer, stronger, more engaging

Based on the survey results, we’re taking note of the desire for longer training durations, increased engagement activities, and more practical sessions in future ESG programme. We want to ensure participants have ample time to delve deep and walk away with actionable takeaways.

We extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in the ESG Lecture Series. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping future programmes to be even more valuable and engaging.


The ESG training empowered directors with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive sustainable growth, social responsibility, and ethical governance. As leaders, they are now better equipped to navigate the complexities of ESG and contribute to a more resilient and responsible business environment.


Future Energy Partners offers bespoke ESG consultancy services. Want to learn how we can help your company navigate ESG audits and develop implementation plans? Or are you interested in attending our next ESG training course? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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