Remote methane / flaring surveys

We use satellite technology to deliver remoteĀ  surveys detecting flaring, flare volumesĀ  at offshore including methane leaks atĀ onshoreĀ  installations, which can then be prioritised forĀ  action.

Measurements of temperature and power ofĀ  individual or clusters of flare stacks can beĀ  detected, measured, and analysed daily fromĀ  satellites supported by a 10-year-old archive.

Using state-of-the-art data processing techniques,Ā  we can analyse vast volumes of daily thermalĀ  infrared sensing data to map and monitor oil andĀ  gas flaring activities in any region around the world.Ā  This analysis can be used in all locations of oil andĀ  gas infrastructure to infer activity levels and evenĀ  production rates over time.

Stay ahead of the competition and the regulatory framework

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