3D visualisation for leak detection and maintenance opportunities

For specific offshore operating platforms, we can deliver a 3D visualisation of an operating facility/platform. Our 3D model can be generated in a variety of formats and used to generate all drawings, cross sections, isometrics, or Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. This provides a comprehensive basis for all future incremental investments and modifications. Through our partner services we can support the certification process of offshore operations.

Furthermore, using a diverse team of surveying, piping, mechanical and process engineers enables us to support clients with high quality engineering and custom solutions that meet the specific needs of aiding companies in their dialog with regulators and other stakeholders. With this in mind, we advise clients on the process flows in their oil and gas plants.

For mature facilities with no meaningful documentation, we can arrange to scan the as- built infrastructure and generate an intelligent 3D model with all relevant information. On this basis, the process can be optimised in close cooperation with the operators using bespoke and innovative methods. This supports operators to increase production and to reach their environmental goals.

The innovative methods in precision measurement, laser scanning and building monitoring enable geo-referencing of existing areas, facilities, or units in a high-resolution display.

Stay ahead of the competition and the regulatory framework

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